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James wrote me a training program with mobility and speed key target areas to improve specifically with golf in mind. The program reflected the movement patterns in the golf swing and allowed me to build confidence to use my strength through different postures and spine angles. Where previous lower back and hip pain had reduced my confidence his program allowed me to rebuild that confidence in the gym and then take it on to the golf course. My swing and game benefited quickly from this improvement in my physical confidence. He looked for feedback from me regarding my performance and adapted the program to assist with any areas I felt were feeling weak.

I saw obvious improvements in my mobility and speed whilst working with James and enjoyed my time in the gym being coached by him.


James has been a fantastic coach for me for the last year, he's helped me become the strongest I've ever been and encouraged and enabled me to do things I would never have imagined I would feel brave and strong enough to do. When I started working with him I was just getting back into training following having my kids, since then I've competed in my first ever competition, and achieved things in the gym I thought were impossible for me. I have really valued and appreciated his support and motivation, and his understanding of how to coach different people differently.


Coach James began working at my gym at a pertinent time in my life. Not only was I struggling within my training but also beginning to struggle with my mental health. Although I initially found James a little hard to work with, this was purely due to him calling me out on some bad techniques and encouraging me to complete more cardio-based workouts rather than just focusing on big lifts. He stripped down my deadlift which meant I had to be lifting less in weight (if you knew me, you would know how much this bruised my ego). However, I am deeply thankful that he spotted this and made me work on it because, now, my technical lifting is only getting better.

On a mental health basis, James was extremely supportive if I needed time out in sessions and/or just needed a good cry! We met outside sessions a few times, still at the gym, so he could find a deeper understanding of the various issues that were affecting me and suggest strategies I could employ while working out. Due to the nature of our group training sessions, I really appreciated that James took the time to organise an individual opportunity to talk. Not only did this make me feel valued but it made me consider the detrimental effects that my outside life was having on my training and the balance that is needed between the two.


James is a knowledgable coach who approaches training with a holistic view. By supporting me in various ways I was able to make great progress and really change my physical self and mental outlook.


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